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As Sheriff, I will institute community orientated policing.  I believe law enforcement should be proactive, not reactive. I want the citizens and business owners of Wright County to see Sheriff’s Office employees in your communities, and to get to know your local deputies. Law enforcement needs strong ties to the community so citizens feel the utmost confidence if the need to contact the Sheriff’s Office arises. Law enforcement needs to be responsive to the voices of the citizens, business owners and department employees. I will be a visible and active part of community life, and pledge to run a transparent office. As Sheriff, I will be available to the people I serve as often as possible, either in the office or on the street.  

           The citizens of Wright County and the personnel of the Sheriff’s Office will benefit from my 20+ years of experience with a progressive law enforcement agency. In my law enforcement career, I have seen a rapid evolution in crime and enforcement; the changes in technology, equipment and training are staggering. I am aware of new training resources and opportunities I will make available to deputies, to keep our department up to date. I will ensure employees are equipped with the latest tools, technology and equipment so they can perform their jobs safely and effectively. This will in turn, provide the residents and business owners of Wright County a safer community and noticeable return on their investment in our department. I will ensure the best technology is being utilized fully whenever possible. I also plan to focus on maintaining or improving employee morale within the Sheriff’s Office.

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