On Mental Health


It is a painful reality, but people living with mental illness are increasingly impacting our community. It is imperative that law enforcement officers learn how to interact with, and try to understand, citizens living with mental illness. Mental health issues increase the risk of drug or alcohol abuse.




I am against the manufacture, use and sale of illegal drugs. As Sheriff, I will draw on my background in the Hennepin County narcotics unit to keep our community safe and drug free. I will ensure that drug dealers and manufacturers know, in no uncertain terms, that they are unwelcome in Wright County.




I will ensure that the Sheriff’s office maintains a high level of integrity and community respect, and that Wright County is a safe place to live and work.

Training and equipment

As Sheriff, I believe in employee engagement.  I want to know what the employees of the Sheriff’s Office want and need.  I know that technology and equipment have made great strides in my last 21 years in law enforcement.  With the proper training and equipment, deputies can more effectively and efficiently do their job.  I am also a huge proponent of officer safety.  A large part of officer safety stems from training.  My primary goal is to have each and every deputy go home to their families safely after each shift.  Another goal of mine is to have a safe community in which people live and work.  I would strive to close any gap in training and equipment within the Sheriff’s Office.  I would work to have the deputies that serve the citizens and business owners of Wright County to be the best trained and equipped deputies possible.  Having worked for a progressive law enforcement agency for quite some time, I have a good understanding of the training and equipment opportunities available to law enforcement.


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